Corporate Social Responsibility

At Coastal Corporation we stand completely committed to the welfare of society by making a difference to the community we live in, through our Corporate responsibility programmes. Our community work and efforts are large steps towards a direction to show our people and our stakeholders that we care. Our primary focus is the overall development and betterment of the area that surrounds both our plants and the neighbouring village communities.

Employment benefits and Women empowerment programmes

Coastal Corporation takes immense pride in having launched many employment benefit programmes under the policy of sustainable livelihood for the community people. Both our processing plants despite being different locations have provided employment to thousands of village people, majority of them being women. Right from the sourcing section to the final packaging unit, 90% of the work is taken care of by super efficient women power. The skill, expertise, adeptness and the sheer dedication they exhibit is totally remarkable. Not only are they earning a livelihood for their family and providing for their children and families, they, at the same time learning the technical nuances of seafood processing and upgrading their skills every day by being a part of the Coastal Corporation family.

Health care facilities

The Company runs a health care centre in the nearby village to take care of the general health, medical needs and hygiene of the people, especially women and children. The health care centre is managed and supervised by expert medical staff and trained caretakers who are committed to serve the residents in the most selfless and efficient manner.

Social events and cultural programmes

We try our best to make life easy and entertaining for this community of hard working people. As a corporate we encourage people in the plant area and the neighbourhood areas to retain and nourish their heritage and culture to the fullest by taking part in various festival and cultural events organised in the villages. The company sponsors the communities where it is involved in the villages near the plants, to celebrate important social cultural religious and national events.